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How To Become An Affiliate

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There are three easy steps to making money as an KillerPlayer affiliate.

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    Receive approval.
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    Once approved, use the directions below to find your unique referral link.

Already Approved?

Once you are part of our Affiliate program, login to your ShareASale account to get your unique referral link or download ads you can use to share KillerPlayer.

Click on the top menu Links » Get a Link / Banner

Scroll down to find KillerPlayer and then click on the Get Links link.

You will be taken to the page where you see your affiliate link along with different banners.

 Under the actions tab, click on Get HTML Code. The box will expand and show your affiliate link.

 It will look something like this:


I’ve around 20 years of digital marketing experience; so I know what it takes to compel even the most skeptical of customers to make a purchase. 

My background and master's degree in finance has sharpened my ability to locate consumer pain points. So, we crafted jaw dropping, lip smacking, and eye lash fluttering YouTube Themes that will sucks audience in, hits them over the head and will make them throw money at you.

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Junaid Khalifa